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maanantai 5. syyskuuta 2011

Sastamala Group show 3.9.2011/judge Tania Ahlman-Stockmari

My little girl CottonClown Jungle Queen "Anni" was her first show and she was BOB puppy. At junior class Eetu, CottonClown Hogwarts, was also with us and Eetu was Best Male 2 with CAC! This was his first CAC and I am so proud this boy. Thank you family Haanpää:) Kalle was there too but this judge didn´t like him at all so he got only Good. Anni is Kalle´s daughter and Eetu is Kalle´s son and they both have same mother Lola, CottonClown Bold´nBeautiful.
CottonClown Jungle Queen "Anni"

CottonClown Hogwarts "Eetu"

CottonClown Hogwarts "Eetu"